City and County Law, and How to Find It Yourself

“Dog bite law” is a combination of city, county and state law. An accurate, reliable opinion about any particular incident must consider all three of these sources of the law. There is no federal law of dog bites or domestic animal liability. There also is no military law of dog bites.

This web site has all of the state laws. However, it is not possible to list all of the city and county laws, because there are so many and they change from time to time. Therefore, you must find the law yourself, or retain an attorney. In a serious case, it is highly recommended that you retain a lawyer. For more about this, see Does An Adult Need a Lawyer For a Dog Bite Claim?, and Should Parents Get a Lawyer For Their Injured Child? Instructions for researching the law yourself can be found on the FAQ page of Dog Bite Law.

Attorney Kenneth Phillips has drafted Model Dog Bite Laws. These should be compared with the laws in your city, county and state. His model laws can be adopted without change, or can be used to update and modify your existing laws.