Medical Bills

Terminology: “medical treatment” and “medical bills”

“Medical treatment” is a broad term that could include emergency room services, plastic surgery for scar revision, neurological testing to establish the extent of nerve damage, and the like.

The term “medical bills” covers more than just the “medical treatment.” It could include the cost of treatment, an ambulance, paramedics, hospital charges, and prescription medications.

To confuse the issue a bit more, “medical bills”┬ácovers not only past medical bills but also future medical bills. For example, the victim might need surgery in the future to reduce the appearance of scars. An attorney who has experience with dog bite cases will obtain the necessary documentation from physicians to support an insurance claim for past and future medical bills.

Sources of payment of medical bills

Medical bills might be paid by any of the following, or a combination of the following:

  • Homeowner insurance of the dog owner
  • Renter insurance of the dog owner
  • Motor vehicle insurance if the attack happened in connection with the use of a motor vehicle
  • Comprehensive liability coverage for a business if the attack happened on business property
  • The victim’s own health insurance
  • The dog owner
  • The victim

The payment might be made under either of the following provisions of a homeowner, renter, motor vehicle, or comprehensive business policy:

  • The medical payment section of the insurance policy, even if the “insured” is not liable for the dog attack pursuant to the law where the attack happened
  • The liability portion of the insurance policy, provided that the “insured” is liable for the dog attack

For more information, see Insurance Overview.