Without a doubt, a photo speaks one thousand words in a dog bite case. In all cases, the victim needs to be photographed at several points in time: immediately after the attack, during the initial treatment (in the hospital or doctor’s office), immediately after treatment, one day later, two days later, one week later, at every point where the injury changes or there are additional surgical procedures, when photographs are needed for settlement or court purposes, and when the injury has reached maximum medical improvement.

In the past, it was necessary to retain a professional photographer for most of these photos. Today, the extraordinary functionality of digital cameras makes it possible for a dedicated amateur to take most or all of the necessary pictures.

It must be remembered, however, that these are entirely different than family photos or casual snapshots. They will indeed say one thousand words, so like anything else that will be going to court, those “words” have to be “phrased” correctly. Specifically, the pictures must be an accurate and complete depiction of the wounds. To accomplish this, amateur and professional photographers need to follow the directions given in Photography in Dog Bite Cases.