More Information About Prevention

One of the best — meaning most authoritative and comprehensive — articles about dog bite prevention strategies is A Community Approach to Dog Bite Prevention JAVMA 2001; 218: 1732-1749. ┬áThis 2001 report, intended for communities interested in developing a comprehensive bite prevention program, includes references to some of the most important studies. It also provides well-reasoned opinions about why dogs bite people.

The article contains model legislation for the control of dangerous dogs. In the opinion of Kenneth Phillips, the author of Dog Bite Law, the model legislation is too weak. The Los Angeles County Code has stronger laws and reflects the experience of a large county with diverse attitudes toward dogs. It is recommended that Attorney Phillips’ Model Laws, the model legislation in the JAVMA article, and the Los Angeles County Code be considered for enactment in other communities. To see the Los Angeles County Code provisions regarding animals, click here and then select “Title 10: Animals.”