When A Dog Is Injured Or Killed



Get justice and adequate compensation when your dog is injured or killed with the help of “When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed.” This book has already assisted countless dog owners in getting the reimbursement they deserve. Readers rave about how it pays for itself and provides everything they need to make the other dog owner reimburse them. For use on a computer only.

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Discover the ultimate guide for dog owners facing the unfortunate situation of their beloved pet being injured or killed. “When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed” offers a comprehensive understanding of the law and provides effective strategies to help you build a winning case.

With our innovative Liability Wizard, you can access personalized legal advice by simply answering a few questions. It’s like having a one-on-one consultation with an attorney.

Say goodbye to the hassle of drafting legal documents. Our book includes pre-written letters and forms that are designed to hold the responsible party and their insurer accountable for fair compensation. And if it comes to it, we’ll even guide you through the process of preparing for small claims court.

Don’t let injustice go unanswered. Get your hands on “When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed” and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to fight for what’s right for your furry friend.

A letter from a reader

“Dear Mr. Phillips, while we were taking our regular walk up the street, my 8-month-old puppy was almost killed by another dog. During the week my dog was in the hospital, I heard nothing from the owner of the other dog. No apology, no offer to pay the huge vet bill. He did call, however, after reading a letter I crafted from the model you provided in your book. Now he is very sorry and will cover all the costs. Thanks for showing the way to get someone to do the right thing.”

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Also available for iPad on the iBookstore