The Dog Bite Lawyers’ Arsenal

Learn Tips and Tricks

By the end of today, get the benefit of 30 years of experience in dog bite cases! Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips began representing dog attack victims in 1991 and is the only lawyer in the USA who has been doing nothing but dog attack cases since the 1990s. He did a tips-and-tricks lecture for plaintiffs’ lawyers, which was videoed for continuing education credit. It is called Tips & Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers and shows how Mr. Phillips presented actual cases and countered tactics by the insurance adjusters and defense attorneys in those cases. The focus is on legal concepts that are unique to dog bite law, and on strategies that win dog bite cases.

Write the Dog Bite Demand Letter

This covers the entire process of gathering the evidence needed for making a demand for settlement, drafting the demand letter itself (using prewritten paragraphs by Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips), and supporting the demand letter with a memorandum of authority. Get the Demand Letter and Brief for a Dog Bite Case to make a compelling presentation.

Plead the Dog Bite Lawsuit

When the insurance company for the dog owner is treating you unfairly, you have no choice but to file a lawsuit. To immediately impress them that you are going to win and they are going to lose, you must plead your case correctly. It makes no sense to file it if you are going to blow it at the very start.

Begin by reviewing the “causes of action” that you can plead. Read Causes of Action in a Dog Bite Case by Attorney Phillips, included in Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms.

If your case will be filed in any US state other than California, use the “Complaint” (i.e., the initial pleading) in Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms. If you will file it in California, use the Undemurrable Dog Bite Complaint with Points and Authorities for California. Each of these has multiple causes of action that are worded unambiguously and powerfully.

Draft Powerful Discovery for a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Get 92 interrogatories, 57 categories of documents that the defense must produce, deposition questions for dog owners, a child witness, an accident witness, a damages witness, and a “person most qualified” (which is how you have to depose witnesses like veterinarians and animal control officers if you do not know which ones were involved in your client’s case).

And there’s much, much more! This is how you beat the opposition and cut 90% off your preparation time. Most importantly, these discovery templates will ensure a winning, comprehensive approach to your dog bite case! Get all these in Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms.

Have a Consultation with Mr. Phillips

You also can consult with Mr. Phillips by phone for help with evaluating a case, mapping out pleadings and motions, creating discovery plans, devising settlement strategies, recommending the best experts, and learning the best strategies and tactics for your particular case. And there’s more, so check out Special Services for Attorneys!