Report to Your Insurance Company

If you are a homeowner or renter, or if there is any possibility that you have other insurance that may possibly provide coverage for the dog attack, get in touch with your insurance agent and make a proper report if:

  • The victim asks for money
  • You are paying a significant amount of money to the victim
  • You receive a claim or suspect that the victim will make a claim in the future
  • The bite was significant (for example, it drew blood)
  • You suspect that your dog has rabies or another significant illness or disease
  • You have a bad feeling about the situation or the intentions of the victim
  • You hear from the police

You may have medical payments coverage which you can offer to the victim; this will make him or her feel better toward you and possibly your dog. Be sure to ask your agent whether you have medical payments coverage.

Every insurance policy has a “cooperation clause.” It requires you (as the insured person) to make reports of incidents, and then cooperate fully with the insurance company. Obviously, give them the name, address and telephone number of every witness.