Requests for Admissions in a Dog Bite Case

Requests for Admissions in a Dog Bite Case

(for Representing Plaintiffs)


Get some rest! You don’t have to work late, drafting requests for admissions in your dog bite case, because we’ve done it for you!

Defendants in dog bite cases often have no choice but to admit the facts that make them liable for injuries. But you have to know what to ask about and how to phrase it.

We’ve been doing it the most productive way for over two decades, and can help you! Some of the most important topics in your requests for admissions are things that you might not think about until you are preparing trial. Here’s a list of some of the things that we cover:

  • Ownership of the attacking dog
  • The dog previously bit another person
  • There was no legal justification for the previous bite upon another person
  • The defendant knew that the dog previously bit another person
  • The dog bit the victim as opposed to scratched him
  • No warning to the victim
  • No provocation by the victim
  • No negligence on the part of the victim
  • No assumption of risk
  • No exceptions to liability
  • The victim had permission to pet or play with dog

… and much more

Admissions work great on their own, and even better with interrogatories that ask why something has not been admitted. So when you get our set of admissions, you’ll also receive our interrogatories, demands for production of documents and tangible evidence, and our lists of deposition questions. Everything you need to win your case!

Cheaper than the cost of typing them!

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