Sample Structured Settlements

  • A 65-year old victim received $10,000.00 at the time of settlement, then $400.00 per month for 10 years. She was interested in the tax-free income, which nicely supplemented her existing retirement income.
  • Parents of a pre-teen directed the creation of a college fund, in the amount of $2,000.00 per month, for four years, starting at age 18. Additionally, at age 25 the victim shall receive $25,000.00, and at age 35 she will get $50,000.00.
  • Parents of a pre-teen asked that all of their son’s money be applied to a college fund, because the settlement was somewhat small.
  • Parents of a pre-teen required that $5,000.00 be placed in a blocked bank account to pay for medical expenses that might occur before their daughter reached age 18. The remainder of the money was used for a college fund and payments of lump sums similar to those described above.
  • Parents of a toddler directed that the boy receive $3,000.00 per month for his entire life. He was seriously injured when a dog tore off the end of his nose. The nose was reattached to his face. His income will be tax-free, as will the amounts paid under each of the other arrangements mentioned above.