Special Services for Attorneys

Attorney Kenneth Phillips helps plaintiffs’ lawyers to win their cases big and easy with —

Forms and Templates

  • Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms (for plaintiffs) – pleadings, interrogatories, admissions, demand for production of evidence, and much more.
  • Release of All Claims (California but easily adaptable by attorneys for other states) – uniquely protects the dog owner and his dog unlike other releases and waivers.
  • Dog Training Agreement – helps protect the trainer from liability and makes the client responsible for the trainer’s medical payments.


His video of tips and tricks for winning dog bite cases contains information about the law, tactics and strategies which cannot be found anywhere else.


For lawyers, Attorney Kenneth Phillips evaluates cases, identifies strengths and weaknesses, maps out pleadings and motions, creates discovery plans, devises settlement strategies, provides trial materials, recommends the best experts, and shares tips and tricks for winning. You save days, weeks or even months of work by learning —

  • which causes of action to plead (and how to word them)
  • what to get in discovery
  • what to cover in your depositions of the dog owners and the witnesses
  • how to overcome defenses (and even turn them into weapons)
  • which experts you need (and don’t need)
  • how much your case is worth
  • the strategy for getting the case settled sooner rather than later
  • your strongest issues and the ones you need to avoid
  • how to beat a motion for summary judgment (and how to bring one for the plaintiff)
  • what to argue at trial.

It usually takes one hour on the phone, so tell him what you need and he will respond with an estimate: kphillips@dogbitelaw.com. Don’t hesitate: the longer you wait, the further off course you may go.

Free Stuff

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