The Dog Bite Law Office

Mary MontoyaKaren BankheadThe law office of Attorney Kenneth Phillips is located physically in Beverly Hills, California — literally “Beverly Hills 90210” like the old television show. He is assisted by Mary Montoya and Karen Bankhead, who began working with him in the 1980s. He confesses often that he could not get by without the two of them, because they are not only the best at what they do, but also the nicest people that a person could ever meet.

Phillips’ law office is a frontrunner in its use of technology. Because he handles cases around the nation, the office is almost “paperless,” meaning that all communications, documents and evidence are created or copied into digital (i.e., computer readable) form. Phillips and his two assistants routinely work outside Beverly Hills, outside California, and even outside the USA when required. They do so with the exact same functionality as if they were sitting in an old-fashioned office. All files are backed up to local and remote locations on a daily basis, too, and the actual computers and systems are redundant and in separate locations for purposes of security.

Aside from its efficiency, speed and suitability for a national law practice, the fully electronic law office is a great benefit to Phillips’ clients and the attorneys with whom he works around the country. Clients can reach him, Mary and Karen around the clock, 365 days per year, by using E-mail (and even the fax and phone systems are Internet-based for times when he and the staff are at remote locations). Communications, documents and evidence are sent instantly by E-mail and secure FTP sites, which clients are taught how to access.

The office, the team and the strategies for handling cases are designed to improve the quality and timeliness of the legal services provided to Phillips’ clients and colleagues throughout the nation.