Owner of Attacking Dog Stabs Victim and Flees

Two days ago, a vicious dog bit a man, and then the dog’s owner stabbed the victim in the chest and ran away. The victim is badly hurt and in danger of losing his life. This happened around 4:00 PM. just a few blocks west of downtown San Antonio, Texas, a tourist city. (See Police Say Argument Over Dog Attack Led to Stabbing Near Downtown, Nora Lopez, San Antonio Express-News, March 9, 2024.)

Going back to the late 1990’s, studies have established that a person’s decision to own a vicious breed of dog suggests underlying antisocial and deviant characteristics. (See Personality and Behavioral Characteristics of the Owners of Vicious Breeds of Dog.) In one study, researchers examined the criminal backgrounds of 355 Ohio dog owners who had either a “high-risk” dog or an unlicensed dog. All of the dog owners had at least one criminal conviction or traffic citation. Statistically, only 27% of other dog owners had a ticket or criminal conviction.

The type of dog that attacked this San Antonio victim has not been identified yet, and maybe won’t be. If one had to bet on it, choose a type of dog known to be vicious, because the dog owner in this case certainly was vicious.

If you are considering the pluses and minuses of adopting a type of dog know for its viciousness, consider that you will be regarded as a risky or possibly dangerous person to be around, because the owners of this type of dog are more likely to be that way.