Shelter Liability – Ken Phillips and Ed Boks Box It Out

Few dog bite victims can sue a public animal shelter for getting bitten by one of their dogs. Yet the former director of the shelters in Los Angeles, New York, and Maricopa County (Arizona) thinks dog bite laws are a threat to shelters.

Recently, I debated public shelter liability with Edward Boks, the former director of public animal shelters in Los Angeles, New York, and Maricopa County, Arizona. Merritt Clifton, the prolific animal news reporter and editor at Animals 24-7, served as the “referee.”

We bring different views to the table. I’m the only lawyer in the country who has represented just dog bite victims since the 1990s. Boks has hands-on experience as a shelter worker, animal control officer and shelter director. Clifton offers sharp insights into shelter animal issues, especially how they are complicated by pit bulls.

I want to hear your thoughts on public shelter liability for dog attacks. Your comments at Dogbitelaw on Facebook will help me highlight key points in future debates. Read our debate and share your views. Here are the links to the articles:

Article in Animals 24-7, "Liability for Dog Attacks: Ed Boks for Shelters, Kenneth Phillips for Victims."

The second article in the series published by Animals 24-7, "Dog Attacks: Ed Boks for Shelter, Kenneth Phillips for Victims, Round Two."

Ed Boks article