Attacks That Resulted in Serious Injuries but Not Death

Every year, 800,000 Americans are injured so severely by a dog that they have to seek medical attention. There are many such cases per month.

Examples include:

Braeden JKellyBraeden Kelly — neighbor’s German shepherd ripped off scalp and cheek of 5-year-old boy

August 1, 2003, Atlanta, Ga. A neighbor’s German shepherd ripped off the center of Braeden Kelly’s scalp, his entire right cheek, and part of his left cheek. Although there was a law in Atlanta that required dogs to be confined or on a leash, the neighbors always allowed their children to take the dog out to play without a leash. On the day of this attack, the dog went 300 feet up the street to attack the boy. The Braeden Kelly Case is significant to Georgia dog bite victims because the trial court recognized that, despite 100 years of contrary legal precedents in that state, a victim should be able to bring a claim based upon dog owner negligence. Attorney Kenneth Phillips represented Braeden Kelly and upon request will transmit the court documents without charge to Georgia attorneys who represent victims. Click here to contact Mr. Phillips.

Emily Paige StinnettEmily Paige Stinnett — family pit bull ripped off 4-year-old’s scalp

April 26, 2004 , Hodgenville, Ky. The Stinnett family kept their pit bull on a chain in their back yard, where they allowed their 4-year-old daughter to play. The dog got free, attacked the girl, and ripped off three-quarters of her scalp. Sheriffs cut open the dog’s stomach and removed the scalp, which the dog ate, but a plastic surgeon could reattach only part of it. The child survived, will have a total of six or seven surgeries, and will never have a normal appearance.

Ruby Sharum — great-grandson’s pit bull caused amputation of 91-year-old woman’s arms

February 13, 2004, Orange, CA. A 91-year-old woman, Ruby Sharum, and her granddaughter were putting away groceries when her great-grandson’s pit bull growled and then lunged at Sharum. The attack required doctors to amputate both of the woman’s arms below the elbows. A neighbor, Shelbi Moore, said that she made 10 complaints to animal control authorities during the previous year.