What If the Dog Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

When there’s no homeowners insurance, Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips investigates all other possible roads to winning a monetary recovery for the victim, including other potential owners of the dog, negligence of other people that could have caused the dog attack, etc. He has won cases against landowners, property development companies, movie studios, popup stores, dog walkers, school districts, animal control departments, family trusts, and all kinds of off-the-radar defendants who caused dog attacks. He also inquires about less obvious insurance policies such as commercial insurance when it appears that the dog was used in connection with a business.
If there is no way to compensate the victim, neither the victim nor any attorney should invest time, money, and emotions into establishing a meaningless case. The civil justice system exists primarily to move money from one side of the table to the other side. That’s earthly justice, meaning all that the “system” can offer. So, if there is no way to achieve the only achievable goal, Mr. Phillips talks to a client about going to small claims court herself and getting a small judgment that she can use against the dog owner and getting restitution through the criminal courts if there is an ongoing criminal prosecution of the dog owner.