What to Do at the Scene of the Attack

worryIf your dog bites someone, and the victim was not committing a crime at the time of the attack, there are a few things that you should do:

  • Stay calm. Don’t argue. Don’t accuse. Be nice to the victim because he or she will have to make a decision about hiring a lawyer and pursuing you for damages. If you are nice, the victim may decide to go easy on both you and your dog.
  • Make sure the victim gets medical attention. Take him or her to the hospital or to a doctor. Be considerate.
  • Whether or not you have insurance, if you have any money or credit at all, you should offer to pay for the victim’s medical bills. Be a hero.
  • Take steps to protect others from your dog.
  • Provide your name and contact information to the victim. Note that this is required by law in some jurisdictions. (See Fleeing the Scene of a Dog Attack Can Be a Crime.)
  • Obtain the name, address and phone number of every witness.
  • Avoid making statements because there are possible criminal consequences when a dog bites or injures someone. See Dangerous and Vicious Dogs.