You probably will lose your claim

Advice: you probably will lose your claim!

I hate giving bad news, but it appears clear that you will lose your claim. The reasons are that your dog did not have permission to be on the other dog owner’s property, and the other dog itself was leashed, tied up or fenced in. This appears like a trespass by your dog, upon the property of another person who did everything “right” with his or her dog.
At this point, you have three choices:

  • You can start the Liability Guide over again, and make sure that your answers were correct.
  • You can read through Volume 1: Text and then start the Liability Guide again.
  • You can simply ask the other dog owner to pay a portion of your bills. Remember that people act from their hearts; they are moved by ideals and moral obligations. These include neighborliness, family harmony, and empathy for a fellow dog owner. The Preface of Volume 1 has powerful information about how people feel regarding these matters. Using that, you might convince the other guy to compensate you for at least part of your loss.