Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms




A complete set of plaintiff-oriented templates for dog bite cases — pleadings, interrogatories, deposition questions, and much more. Used throughout the United States. Complete, good everywhere, and for victims’ lawyers only!

The Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms will save you hours of legal research. The deposition outlines, for example, will cut 90% off your preparation time. Most importantly, they will ensure a winning, comprehensive approach to your dog bite case! Here’s what lawyers have said after using the forms —

“A masterful job of drafting.” “Immensely valuable.” “Your deposition outline enabled me to prepare in just one hour.” “When the case was over, the defense attorney said I really knew what I was doing — but this was my first dog bite case!”

The forms include all these:

Complaint with 13 Causes of Action

  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability Based on Common Law
  • Strict Liability Based on Dog Bite Statute
  • Intentional Tort – Assault Intended
  • Negligence Per Se Based on Violation of Leash Law or Other Animal Control Law
  • Landlord Liability – Residential Landlord
  • Landlord Liability – Commercial Landlord
  • Infliction of Emotional Distress on Bystander
  • Intentional Tort – Battery Via Reckless Act
  • Injury by Reason of Failure to Provide Rabies Information
  • Intentional Misrepresentation and Concealment by Animal Shelter or Rescue Group
  • Negligent Misrepresentation by Animal Shelter or Rescue Group
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Interrogatories – 4 Versions, 140 Questions

  • Description of the attacking dog
  • Health of dog
  • Prior biting history of dog
  • Complaints by animal control and other third parties
  • Muzzling and segregation of dog
  • Dog fighting and guard dog training
  • Signage at dogs residence
  • Identification of breeder, trainer, veterinarian, and a dozen other third parties who may have information about dog
  • Insurance coverage
  • Surveillance, witnesses, statements
  • Relevant documents
  • Joint tortfeasors
  • Failure to admit in response to Request for Admissions
  • Facts, witnesses and documents relied on in Answer to Complaint

… and much more

Demand for Inspection of Documents

  • Animal control department investigations, citations, orders, and dog court proceedings
  • Evidence of dog ownership
  • Health records of the attacking dog
  • Records of other bites and dangerous propensities
  • The training of the dog
  • Insurance and coverage disputes
  • Documents that establish the basis for denying any Request for Admission
  • Documents that establish the basis for an affirmative defense
  • Photographs of the attacking dog

… and much more

Request for Admissions

  • Ownership of the attacking dog
  • No warning to the victim
  • No provocation by the victim
  • No negligence on the part of the victim
  • No assumption of risk
  • No exceptions to liability
  • Victim had permission to pet or play with dog
  • The dog previously bit another person and that dog owner knew it
  • The dog bit the victim

… and much more

Deposition Questions – Owner, Fact Witness, Child Witness, Damages Witness, “Person Most Qualified.”

  • Experience with dogs
  • Breed of dog
  • Prior owner of the attacking dog
  • Why this dog was selected
  • What the witness knew about the breed
  • Establishing ownership and joint ownership
  • Training of dog
  • Veterinarian and others who know dog
  • Knowledge that the breed is unsafe
  • Health history of the dog
  • Manner of keeping the dog, abuse of dog
  • Fences, gates, signs, warnings
  • Viciousness of the dog
  • Complaints from neighbors about dog
  • Treatment of dog on the date of the attack
  • What the witness did on the date of the attack
  • Temperament of attacking dog
  • Socialization of dog
  • Behavior of dog immediately prior to attack
  • Prior experience of victim with the attacking dog
  • Behavior of the victim on the date of the attack
  • Warnings and assumption of risk
  • How the attack began, what happened during it
  • What the deponent did during and after attack
  • What the witnesses did during and after attack
  • Respondeat superior
  • Statements of the parties
  • The dog after the attack
  • Preventative measures before and after the attack
  • Animal control investigation, quarantine, orders
    … and much more

“How-To” Guides

You will also get a copy of Remedies in Dog Bite Cases, the unabridged version of the article published in ATLA Trial Magazine under the name, Put Some Teeth In Your Dog Bite Claim. It will tell you about a whole range of dog-bite-related torts, like infliction of emotional distress and failing to provide evidence of rabies vaccinations.

And you will get Taking the Dog Owner’s Deposition, an article by Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips that will help you construct a focused, hard-hitting oral examination of the defendant dog owner and anyone who harbored or “kept” the dog.


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