dog attack

Umbrella Insurance Can Increase Medical Payment Coverage

An appellate court in New Jersey issued an important opinion a few months ago, holding that a homeowners insurance policy on a house in one city provides coverage for a second house in another city that was underinsured. Significantly, the umbrella policy covering the first house applied to the medical payment limit, thereby increasing medical […]
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An Ordinary Day of Mayhem in Pitbull-Land

Today’s headlines about pit bulls: People Magazine: “Iowa Woman Loses Legs and Needs Facial Reconstruction Surgery After Being Mauled by 3 Pit Bulls.” City Watch Los Angeles: “Pit Bull Attacks: Is the Breed, the Owner, or a Lack of Law-Enforcement to Blame?” Atlanta City Press: “Atlantic City man beat pit bull with pipe, police say.” […]
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A Day in the Life of the Pit Bull Owner

The headlines, like the nature and temperament of this type of dog, do not change from day to day, week to week, year to year. The type of dog we call a “pit bull” was meticulously bred for sudden, dedicated violence. The goal of this type of dog is not to bite, but to shred, […]
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